As you browse our menu, please keep in mind our Classic, Hybrid and Volume lash styles serve as highly customizable templates for the look you are trying to achieve (see our gallery here). This allows us to provide you with a myriad of options, ensuring that your lashes are as unique as you are. We only use products that are the highest of quality in function and appearance. Our Volume “fans” are meticulously crafted by hand (not factory made) and tailored just for you.

Full Set: Classic Style

The most natural style created by applying a 1:1 ration of a single, individual extension to a single, individual natural lash. Your extensions will look like your own lashes just more enhanced and defined.

Full Set: Hybrid Style

A balance between Classic and Volume styles created by applying both classic lashes and light-weight, volume “fans.” We create each fan by hand and do not use fans from a factory. Highly recommended for those with sparse or damaged natural lashes.

Full Set: Volume Style

The fullest style created with hand-made volume “fans” that are tailored just for you.

Lash Fill*

Recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes looking full.

(*Fills are available exclusively for current Lash Bar clients only. We maintain our commitment to quality by refraining from working on top of other salons work. If you are coming in to see us for the first time, please schedule a full set.)

Lash Removal

If you are a client coming in for the first time and currently have on extensions from another salon, please add a removal to your appointment so we can safely and gently remove them without damaging your natural lashes. Do not try to do it yourself using an at-home “Googlemethod. Doing so could severely and/or permanently damage your lashes. We use a professional gel solution that gently and safely breaks down adhesive without harming the natural lashes.

Emergency Removals (of work from Other Salons)

Same-day or after-hours removals for those who need immediate relief. If you are experiencing pain from an incorrect application done elsewhere or you are having an allergic reaction and cannot reach the professional who applied your full set, please contact us immediately via text message: 480-532-2018

Lash Tint

Highly recommended for blonde or very light natural lashes prior to a full-set application.

Brow Tint

Enhance and define your eyes with semi-permanent tint in the perfect shade just for you.

Brow Wax

A quick “clean up” of excess hair in the brow area.

Professional Brow Shaping

In addition to removing excess hair, we will create the perfect brows for your face shape. Adding a tint is highly recommended.


1401 E Williams Field Rs. #101
Gilbert, AZ 85295
The Lash Bar is located in Suite 20 inside Salon Boutique Studios on Williams Field Rd, west of the Kohls.

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