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Welcome and thank you for visiting! If you have found us by researching the art of Eyelash Extensions or Permanent Cosmetics, this page is for you! Upon entering our site, you will find a plethora of helpful information, videos, actual client photos and more to aid you in learning more about these unique processes. Below, we have compiled some important informa

If you are thinking of having eyelash extensions applied, It is extremely important to choose someone who is state board licensed. Licensed professionals have undergone 800 plus hours of training, including proper sanitation/sterilization procedures used when working on the public. We understand the need to save money. It's always wise to shop around for the best price. Unfortunately, the best price does not always equate to the best quality.... especially when it comes to the health and safety of your eyes or permanent cosmetics pigment being applied to your face. Consider the fact: Since eyelash extensions made their debut over a decade ago,  we have seen an abundance of disturbing problems.  The amount of emergency lash extension removals that have come through our doors has increased exponentially. Witnessing this rapidly growing problem led us to add this new page- something we have not done in over a decade! It is our hope that the knowledge provided here will protect and prevent people from problems. Unlike Eyelash Extensions, which are relatively new, Permanent Cosmetic Application has been around for over thirty years. Sadly, there are still many unqualified technicians damaging people's looks- permanently.

The "botch job" images below, taken prior to professional removal, are actual people who came to us for emergency help...

...and the scenarios are always the same:

Unfortunately, by the time a poor client realizes there is a problem, the damage has already been done. Bald spots in the lash line, due to multiple natural lashes incorrectly adhered to one extension, become more and more apparent. Immediate, professional removal can minimize the overall damage. However, "bald spots" that have already been allowed to occur, take three or more months to repair and grow back--- and that's if they ever do grow back! If one isn't careful when choosing their technician, more money often ends up being spent correcting the problem. Paying for a botched full set and an emergency removal isn't fun or cheap!  Most will agree avoiding the embarrassment of noticeably bad lashes, the damage they cause, and the professional removal isn't worth the initial potential savings.

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