Y ouíve dreamed of  your wedding day since you were a little girl . ..... 

     It promises to be the most exciting day of your life. It will be your day and everything should be perfection.  We understand your anticipation and the importance of your day and want you to rest assured that you are choosing some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the country.

    We specialize in Bridal Eyelash Extensions for not only the bride but the entire bridal party... Mom too!

    Bridal Eyelash Extension Sets should be treated differently than standard lash sets.  This is your wedding and your lashes should be at their absolute best looking completely full and lush- on your wedding day.  Not a week prior when your extensions are just hours old, but on your actual wedding day.  But, with rehearsals, parties, out of town guests and last minutes stress, most busy brides can not spare two hours to have their extensions applied the day before or day of the wedding.  In addition, any responsible salon would not and should not apply Eyelash Extensions to brides-to-be so close to the wedding date.  Although extremely rare, we take no chances with our brides and completely eliminate the remote possibility of an allergic reaction ruining your big day.  So, the dilemma:  How to achieve luscious, full, perfect eyelashes on your actual wedding day.   The Lash Bar has the answer!  Based upon our experience of working with hundreds of brides and then compiling what we have found "works" to achieve perfect lashes on the day of the wedding,  we have designed a procedural formula, just for brides, that guarantees to deliver the most perfect lashes when it counts the most.  We even have an antidote to stop tears from smudging, causing black unsightly mascara lines to run down your cheeks!

Look for our mention in
Arizona Bride Magazine
Fall/Winter Issue 2008
AZ bride fall winter 2008

    To consult with us about Bridal Eyelash Extensions for you or your entire wedding party, contact us.

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