The Lash Bar proudly uses only

World's Finest Mink Eyelashes

     Mink Fur Eyelashes are available now exclusively at The Lash Bar!  The same glamorous lashes once available only to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan are now available to you.  Mink Vixen  Mink Eyelashes are 100% natural mink-  not synthetic imposters.  They are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals.  Our mink lashes are hand-made.  Because they are not  chemically treated or dyed,  the rich, velvet-like appearance found only in mink fur is successfully maintained.  At The Lash Bar, we take  pride in knowing we carry only the highest quality mink lashes in the world today.


Supermodel, Heidi Klum, said it best,  "Mink eyelashes give you Bambi lashes".  

          Mink Vixen
 are not the same as the semi-permanent, individual eyelash extensions also featured at The Lash Bar.  They are strip or cluster lashes  and may be worn up to 20 times when properly stored and cared for.  Unlike semi-permanent, eyelash extensions that must be applied by a trained and certified specialist,   Mink Vixen  ink Eyelashes can be quickly and easily self-applied.  If you are new to self-application,  we suggest  practicing with standard strip lashes found at most drug or beauty supply stores.  This is an excellent and cost effective way to fine tune your self-application skills.  Included with your  very own pair of Mink Eyelashes from The Lash Bar is your fitting, initial application, self-application and care instructions, adhesive and storage container.  

     Mink Fur Eyelashes should be treated with care.  Just as you would not bathe or sleep in a mink coat,  'The Lash Bar's Mink Eyelashes should not come into contact with water and should be removed and stored safely before going to sleep.   Mink Eyelashes are available in the many styles pictured below.  

     We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. To order by telephone, please call 480-620.8317.  To purchase and pay online, simply choose from the styles below and you will be directed to Paypal's secure website. Please allow 7 business days for your order to ship. Shipping within the USA is $4.99. International shipping is $12.99. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and Global Priority.

Attention Professionals, Salon and Boutique Owners: We offer wholesale pricing!


Natural Long #10LBM

Natural Short #20SBM


Glamour  Long #20LAM
Volume for the Club"

Extremely Long #30LAM
"For the Catwalk!"

Wisp Lashes #10DCM
"Wispy and Breezy"

Glamour Short #10SAM
"Natural Length for the Natural Look"

Mink Eyelash Individual Lash Extensions
Size Available from 7mm to 20mm
J Curl Style
Color: Natural Black


Request Professional Wholesale Pricing Information by clicking here




Mink Lashes with "Diamond" Accents




Mink Fur Lashes with Aurora Borealis Crystal Accents


Mink Lashes with Violet Crystal Accents



Mink Lashes with Gold Metal Accents



Mink Lashes with Pink Crystal Accents


Mink Lashes with Pearl Accents


Mink Lashes with Clear Swarovski Crystal Accents


Mink Lashes with Small Gold Accents



Princess Style Mink Lashes




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