All classes are private. No groups!
Eyelash Extensions Training
by The Lash Bar
Save time, money and your reputation by learning correctly the first time!
No matter how easy it looks, the only true way to success is by obtaining proper instruction and hands-on experience from a skilled and reputable eyelash extension trainer
It is impossible to properly master the art of eyelash extensions by experimentation, watching an instructional DVD/YouTube video, taking an online class, shadowing a friend or attending a supper "class" thrown together by novices who think they’re qualified enough.
Don't trust just anyone with your training! Jill Lund, founder and the owner of The Lash Bar, has more than 15 years of lash extension application experience.
Jill Lund is a licensed esthetician and a graduate of The University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Education. In 2004, after learning about eyelash-extension and following a "gut feeling" that eyelash extensions were going to be the "next big thing," Jill opened The Lash Bar - Arizona's first ever dedicated eyelash extension boutique. In 2005, Jill caught the attention of Lavish Lashes - a leading eyelash extension training company for professionals - and was selected as the company’s very first trainer in Arizona. After spending four years training for Lavish, Jill left to focus on developing a new, extensive training program and curriculum specifically for The Lash Bar.
The Lash Bar's second-to-none eyelash extension curriculum and ongoing support goes above and beyond training you would have received from the "other programs" out there. Here's why...
We Only Offer Private classes: Other training companies will only offer group training with a high student-to-teacher ratio. One instructor overseeing a large group of during the "hands-on" portion of training is frustrating and trainees just do not receive enough attention. For these reasons, all of the Lash Bar's Classes are private. Our one-on-one instruction ensures that you learn proper application technique, and we will stay with you for as long as you need in order for you to feel comfortable to start working on your own clients.
Ongoing, Unlimited Support: Other training companies will fly a regional instructor in from another state. Once class is over with, that trainer will fly back home. So if you have any questions or you need additional help after the end of the class, the best you can hope for is a return phone call which is no substitute for live, physical help. We will never ditch you! Once your class ends with The Lash Bar, we will still offer you ongoing help and support for as long as you need us. If you need to, you can schedule a time to come back and work through your struggles or if all you need is a refresher, shadow us for a day, and you will still have one-on-one attention with the instructor.
Price Includes Kits: You will receive all tools, supplies and materials you need to get started, plus enough lashes to do an additional 50 full sets.
Proven Business Success: The best mentor or teacher is one who has consistently demonstrated great success doing the very thing that you what to do! The Lash Bar is a proven successful business entering its 16th year. Choose to learn from someone who has want you are training to attain.
For more detailed information or to select a date and sign up, please contact us via
e-mail: or phone/text: 480-532-3794
We Offer The Following Three Classes...
Classic $1,200
For those new to lashes or improperly trained elsewhere wishing to learn the Classic technique.
Includes kit valued at more than $500. All tools, supplies & materials needed to get started, PLUS enough lashes to do an additional 50 full sets.
Volume & Hybrid $600
For those already skilled in the Classic technique and wising to learn the Volume & Hybrid techniques.
Includes kit valued at $200. All tools, supplies & materials necessary to get started, PLUS enough Volume lashes to do an additional 50 full sets.
3 Techniques Combo $1,800
For those new to lashes or improperly trained elsewhere wishing to learn the Classic, Volume & Hybrid technique.
Includes kit valued at more than $700. All tools, supplies & materials needed for Classic, Volume, $ Hybrid techniques, PLUS enough lashes to do an additional 50 Classic and Volume full sets.