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Why Choose The Lash Bar

  1. Experience:  Jill De La Torre was one of the first professionals in Arizona to bring eyelash extensions to the valley.  In 2005, she was selected by Lavish Lashes to become their Arizona trainer, instructing other industry professionals and salons in the technique. After serving almost 4 years as a Lavish Lashes educator, Jill resigned her  position  in order to keep up with high client demand  and to focus on the expansion of her own company.  Jill says,"  Learning how to perform a new procedure safely and correctly is one thing; however,  it takes a very long to time to gain the experience required to master it."  With years of applying extensions to hundreds of satisfied clients, Jill has that experience. 

  2. Training and Your Safety:  A licensed esthetician, Jill first learned the proper application technique and became certified through extensive hands-on training from Lavish Lashes (as opposed to watching an instructional DVD some lash companies provide as their only source of training).  The Lash Bar's desire is to maintain the quality and excellence it has gained a reputation for.

  3. Quality: The Lash Bar proudly uses only the highest quality  products on the market today. We carry only premium Polished J and C -Curl Eyelash Extensions that are specially made with a natural tapered curl to make them look and feel like your own natural lashes.

  4. Service: You will find your time at The Lash Bar  to be very pleasing!   Your experience will be personalized as Jill talks with you about which type of look will work best for you and your lifestyle.  The beds are extremely comfortable with Tempurpedic foam mattresses,  pillows under your knees for lower back support and extra soft blankets!  Most clients fall asleep!  In addition, we stand by our work 100%. At The Lash Bar, you can be sure that you are in the most capable and highly trained hands in the valley.  The Lash Bar's goal is to earn your business and loyalty through quality of workmanship and superior customer service.

  5. Accessibility:  Should you ever have a question, comment  or concern  about eyelash extensions  at The Lash Bar, Jill encourages you to contact her directly here or call 480.820.9797.

To search the Arizona Board of Cosmetology records to see if your lash technician is licensed, please Click Here.

    Your Safety is Priority Number One

     The recent rise in the popularity of eyelash extensions has been truly phenomenal.  How wonderful it is that women all over the world are now able to have the eyelashes they have always dreamed of.  Unfortunately, as the popularity of eyelash extensions has increased, so has the number of substandard and unsafe lash applications being performed and unsafe products being marketed.  In addition, there is also a disturbing trend of inferior application techniques being taught by unqualified individuals, as well as, people teaching themselves the technique by simply watching a DVD! 
     The Lash Bar takes pride in being Arizona's first eyelash extensions salon and are very proud and protective of the reputation we have worked so hard to establish.  Our promise to you is that we will never be tempted to "short change" our clients or risk their health just to follow trends or keep up with the "lofty claims" of other less-qualified  individuals who claim to have "raised the bar" in this industry. The health and safety of your eyes and eyelashes will always be our number one priority- no matter what.  We will never offer any service such as heavy crystals or extensions exceeding .20mm in thickness, which are so heavy that they put the long term health of your lashes at risk.

Below is a listing of products that are currently Non-Approved by The Lash Bar


Reason for Non-Approval:

.25-30mm density semi-permanent eyelash extensions

      These weighty lashes may over burden the follicle and may cause  premature eyelash loss.

 Crystals placed on top of eyelashes- long term

     If crystals are attached to an eyelash for an extended period of time,  they will burden the eyelash follicle . In addition, the width of a crystal makes it so  it must  be attached to more than one lash in order to stay in place.  Lashes that are bonded together  will also SHED together- causing a "clump" of  lashes to shed at once, leaving behind an unsightly "gap" in your lash line.  Crystals can; however, be worn on a short term basis for special events but should be removed immediately afterwards.


Consumer/Retail Home Use Self Application Eyelash Extensions

     These products have gained much popularity in the past year with the advertisements on You Tube and other sources across the internet. These products include an adhesive that should never be "self applied". Without the proper training regarding consumers may not be aware of the risks associated with these products when misapplied. Incorrect use may result in serious injury.

Y-Lashes All Sizes

This product may put too much weight on the natural lash if applied incorrectly.


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